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AREA 51 Release on Soniquarium

user | January 31, 2020

Techno Fans, it’s time of that year when all new release for 2020 start rolling out. This first EP from myself featuring “Spoken Word” artist Jerzey John, (guess where he is from? lol)
is being release on Soniquarium because of the diverse sounds offered on the label.

AREA 51 I wrote for more of the “Commercial” side of the spectrum. Nothing wrong with a little Commercial Vibe to help introduce Music Fans to a little Techno.

However, you may find a little bit of Tech House and Progressive vibes sprinkled in on this release. Which, allows for you to have a “GO” to choon in your stack when you want to switch up the sound a little but not go full Techno banging beats.

I hope you enjoy the two track release and I will break down the choons to give you the idea of the MOOD I was in while writing the mini EP.

Area 51 I wrote after, well seeing some “ORBS” while on a drive in Arizona and Texas. Yes, they were ORBS not planes.
Outside that of a “ORB” sighting, it brought me to the thought of Area 51. We all know about that legend. So, I tried to write a track that represented the thoughts I had for the wild stuff that may be inside the facility or may not be.

The Gospel According to Jerzey John was inspired by PQM”s “you are sleeping” Hernan Cattaneo remix. I had the pleasure of playing shows with Paul Oakenfold and Hernan during the Ressisance CD release. That song as been in my head for many years. (As know you know my age, LOL) The second influence was from my original use of the hook from the PQM release. On my very first EP, release from my Chicago Days. Dr. Feels Good was my first Vinyl release in 2003 with co artist Sombionx. (Check him out as he does live music now.)

Stay tuned for more release I will be handing over to label boss Jon Little in the coming months. Also, keep checking out the artist on this label. There is a choon for everyone somewhere in this extensive catalogue.

-Eric Ross





You Are Sleeping (PQM Meets Luke Chable Vocal Pass) Lyrics

You are sleeping [x?]

You pick up this working girl
Who’s hooked on smack
Who hustles and scores
That’s all I do, she says
She says, ten bucks for head, fifteen for half and half
She says, three hits a day at thirty-five per
You say, that’s seven tricks a day at least
But she says, sometimes I get lucky
Once this guy gives me a bill and a half just to eat me
Only time I ever came

You figure you can save her

You sell your color TV
That keeps her off the streets a whole day
You hawk your typewriter for one jobe
Then your shotgun, your watch
A week later you say, listen I’m a little short
But she says, no scratch, no s*****
You say, look, it is better to give
But she says, beat off, creep

One night they spot you on the street in your skivvies
Trying to sell your shoes
You tell them who you are
But they nail you
Then she happens by
And she says, Christ you look f*****
She says, hang tough
But you don’t say anything
You just think, what a b** wrap for a nice sensitive guy like me

You are sleeping [x?]
You do not want to believe




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