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Getting ready for the release check list

user | September 6, 2021
  • A label sponsored  DJ mix on for Apple Music and Spotify.
  • Beatport track list – picking out your sounds weekly can help raise awareness in beatport community.
  • tiktok influencers can drive more fans
  • playlisting to larger playlist curators based on free list already shared online.
  • Share your tracks with the best DJs you know to get more support
  • Post your tracks yourself or have your label use promo pool
  • LIVE stream of pre-recorded sets to build brand over competing music artists in your category. (do regular to have fans find you often and use to make it reach more people)
  • Social media managers to help with manual likes and follows. also DM to follow your spotify.
  • Hire a PR firm to sculpt your brand the way you want your career. Even a yearly meeting is worth paying a flat fee to stay on track.
  • re-post song and track stats as they climp up the charts!

Resources – costly playlisting – not recommended but if you have alot of money just do it. – recommended as its affordable and does same thing as PP above. — email team to submit music from website contact. – They give feedback and can help in small fan base. Not as good as large dj support but it can get you stared.– get a PR team to help push you. – PR team idea 2. – used to do manual social media interactions and also gives you a free DM automation you can tell new followers to follow your spotify. – reposting tool which gives you IG stories an post content pre-made with info already in assets.


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